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The Glossary page can be used to understand the terminology we use on this site. Not only for the new user of electronic cigarette but the advanced user might find it helpful because terminology changes from site to site.

  • Atomizer: The thing you put your e-liquid into, also known as clearomizer, cartomizer, tank etc. We just call them all atomizers to keep it simple.
  • Battery: The power source for your Electronic cigarette. Sometimes the battery is enclosed and can not be removed (Example: EGO batteries). Some times the battery can come out and be charged separate (Example: KTS).
  • Starter Kit: Contains everything you need in a Ego case except the E-liquid.(Example: Ego Starter kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, EGO case, and a  charge cable and wall plug).
  • Charger: Used to charge battery, It can be a USB charge cable or a separate unit that charges the battery.
  • coil Unit/coil head: Goes inside a atomizer that can be replaced. (Example: The kangerTech T3D has a replaceable coil unit). In the long run this helps to save you money because you are only replacing the coil unit and not the whole atomizer. We do not sell disposable atomizers anymore. 
  • E-Liquid: The solution that can contain nicotine and replaces tobacco burning. Also known as juice or e juice.
  • mAh:  (Milliamp hours)- The bigger the number the longer the battery last before charge is needed.
  • ohm: The electrical resistance of the coil unit or head the higher the number the more electrical current needed.The coil heads we carry 1.5 ohm to 1.8ohm  are good for all the batteries we carry. Ego battery get 1.5 ohm Spinner or Variable voltage get the 1.8ohm
  • Amp:
  • Variable voltage: Allows you to adjust the power so you can customize the amount of vapor produced. (Example: Spinner)
  • BDC: bottom dual coil
  • BVC: bottom verticle coil (this is the newer version both dual or verticle give more vape)

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