Frequently asked questions about vapin

what does vapin mean?

Instead of smoking you are using an electronic cigarette which produces a vapor instead of smoke.

Is it the same as what drug stores and gas stations sell?

No those are disposable, some are rechargeable but are not powerful enough. We started on something like the rechargeable ones that can be purchased at a gas station with the little light on the end, but they did not last long enough so we went back to the store and upgraded to the ego case kits that we carry and it worked.

What are the advantages of Electronic cigarettes?

  • Saves a lot of money
  • No second hand smoke that makes children, pets, and house smell like smoke oh yeah also no yellowing of your walls, furniture and fingers.
  • Food taste better because your taste buds come back to life.
  • May contain the nicotine just like a tobacco product that makes you feel good or relaxed.
  • Can use in the car without putting your windows down in the cold or  heat.
  • More flexibility with flavors.

What are the disadvantages of Electronic cigarettes?

  • The initial cost of a kit and e-liquid can come close to the cost of a carton of cigarettes
  • proper planing like charging batteries, enough e-liquid, and clean atomizers, Just like making sure you have enough cigarettes for the day.
  • Remembering were you left your electronic cigarette last, because it doesn't burn you may tend to leave it around the house and forget were you left it, at least it doesn't burn the house down.
  • People looking at you to try and figure out what your doing. "Personally I don't care what people think, I like vapin"
  • Trying to figure out where all the money went that you use to spend on cigarettes.

Do I stop smoking when I start vapin?

That is up to you. "Tim had a pack of cigarettes left when he got his kit so he smoked one in the morning, one after lunch and dinner while vapin in between."

"Vickie started vapin with no cigarettes in between" 


What kit should I start with?

Any EGO case kit or box kit depending on if you want the case. Those kits have two batteries two atomizers so you always have a back up.


What flavor of e-liquid should I start with?

"Tim started with tobacco flavor because he wanted it to be as close to smoking as possible. Vickie tried a couple of different flavors right a way. After three or four weeks Tim tried the flavors and loved it. His favorite is caramel and banana while Vickie likes pineapple and other fruits."


What strength e-liquid should i start with?

Depends on the amount of cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke over a pack a day you should start with 24 mg.


How long will the atomizer last?

The disposable ce 4 atomizer can last three to four weeks as long as you flush with warm water, 

"We still have vision VIVI Nova that we purchased over a year ago just had to replace the coil heads"




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